Ferry Service Grand Harbour & Marsamxett

Scheduled Maritime Ferry Services for the Grand Harbour and the Port of Marsamxett

The Grand Harbour and Marsamxett scheduled ferry service commenced its operation as from the 1st October 2012. Its main objective is to ensure a reliable maritime transport which is operated on a fixed time schedule, offered at a regulated price and with a level of service aimed at stimulating its further increase in popularity.

Winter Schedule:

Monday to Saturday: 07:00 hours till 18.00 hours
Sundays and Public Holidays: 10:00 hours till 16:00 hours

Summer Schedule:

Monday to Saturday: 07:00 hours till 19.00 hours
Sundays and Public Holidays: 09:00 hours till 18:00 hours

This Timetable is subject to change. Please consult the Operator’s published timetable on www.vallettaferryservices.com.

Authorised Fares

Type of Ticket (Per Trip One Way) Euro (€)
Ticket for Adults 1.50
Children up to twelve (12) years of age 0.50
Karta Anzjan and Blue Badge Holders 0.50


Type of Ticket (Return) Euro (€)
Ticket for Adults 2.80
Children up to twelve (12) years 0.90
Karta Anzjan and Blue Badge Holders 0.90


Special Rates Euro (€)
Weekly Pass (valid for seven (7) consecutive weekdays - unrestricted use) 10.00

Ferry Operator Service Contact Details

Ferry Operator Service Address Contact number Craft Registration No.
Marsamxetto Steamferry Palazzo Marina, 143 St 23462222 04231
Services Limited Christopher Street, Valletta 79492267 S 18760

Press Release

Transport Malta has signed a contract with Marsamxetto Steamferry Services Limited for the “Provision of Scheduled Maritime Ferry Services for the Grand Harbour and the Port of Marsamxett”. The contract signed is for a period of eight (8) years. The Operator, chosen through a competitive tender, will operate two simultaneous services, one in each Port.
The Operator is obliged to operate the service all year round, with departures operating at a maximum interval of thirty (30) minutes from each landing place, within a minimum stipulated schedule as follows in both ports:

The regulated tariffs can only increase once every three (3) years with an increase that is limited to the inflationary costs associated with providing the service (including the increase in the cost of fuel). Such increase must be approved by Transport Malta.

The Operator shall enjoy exclusive use of strategic landing places and shall contribute a total of Euro 300,000 of its revenue, over the whole period, to the Authority.

Furthermore the Operator has an obligation to invest in two new ferry vessels within 12 months from signing. While initially operating with existing vessels, the Operator shall provide substitute/relief vessels when the nominated vessels are not available due to breakdowns, damage or planned maintenance. Additional services over and above the minimum services shall be provided to cover those occasions when there is an increase in demand including during national holidays and events.

Finally, the Operator has a number of obligations to ensure the right level of service including the employment of crew fluent in both Maltese and English languages and who must wear a uniform and visible identification, the display of fare prices at the landing places and on board the vessel, the issuing of a receipt for every ticket sold and the obligation to maintain a website providing on-line information, timetables and an early warning to inform the general public of any disruptions and changes to the Services due to bad weather.