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Light UAS Operator Certificate is an organisational approval certificate which authorises the organisation to self-authorise operations beyond the Open Category without applying for an authorisation from their National Aviation Authority, which is TM-CAD in the case of Malta. The requirements to be demonstrated by drone operators are defined in Part C of Regulation (EU) 2019/947. When TM-CAD is satisfied, it will issue a light UAS operator certificate (LUC) and will assign privileges to the drone operators based on their level of maturity. The privileges may allow the organisation to

• Conduct operations covered by standard scenarios without submitting the declaration;
• self-authorise operations conducted by the drone operator and covered by a PDRA without applying for an authorisation;
• self-authorise all operations conducted by the drone operator without applying for an authorisation.

Further details on the LUC requirements are available in Part C

In order to apply for an LUC, the Organisation needs to fill in the UAS Operator Application Form and the UAS LUC Initial Document Review and any manuals referenced in the application (LUC manual, OM, SMM as appropriate). When ready to submit all documents to TM-CAD, the Organisation should contact TM-CAD on to request a Centrik account. As soon as the account is given the Organisation may submit the LUC application together with all corresponding documentation. 

The cost of an LUC application is 2000Eur.