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Occurrence Reporting

Occurrence reporting

Safety is the main priority among aviation players and everyone involved strives towards achieving the highest level of safety as possible.

Occurrence reporting is one of the active systems that contributes towards identifying safety-related issues and help develop pro-active approaches and strategies to mitigate undesired outcomes while enhancing overall aviation safety. Such strategies can be developed by ensuring that all information on safety-related events are identified, collected and analysed with the aim to identify the root-cause factors and devise appropriate measures.

An occurrence means any safety-related event which endangers or which, if not corrected or addressed, could endanger an aircraft, its occupants or any other person.

Guidance on Occurrence Reporting

The Civil Aviation Directorate is continuously striving to improve the quality of Occurrence Reporting data and facilitate the process of gathering information and statistics. This will enhance the overall efficiency with the follow-up and closing of occurrence reports and contribute towards a safer aviation environment.

For information on the general overview of mandatory occurrence reporting and voluntary occurrence reporting, regulatory obligations and TM-CAD requirements, click here.

Submit a Mandatory Occurrence Report

Occurrences which may represent a significant risk to aviation safety and which fall into the categories defined in Article 4 of Regulation (EU) No 376/2014 shall be reported by the persons listed in paragraph 6 of the same regulation through the mandatory occurrence reporting systems established by their organisation and/or Member State.

Detailed classifications of the occurrences pursuant to Regulation (EU) No 376/2014 when reporting through mandatory reporting systems are set out in Annexes I to V of the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/1018.

A consolidated publication, issued by EASA in the form of Easy Access Rules, contains the applicable regulations and guidance material in an easy-to-read format with advanced navigation features through links and bookmarks.

In order to submit a Mandatory Occurrence Report (MOR) to The Civil Aviation Directorate, kindly click here.

Submit a Voluntary Occurrence Report

The Civil Aviation Directorate has established a Voluntary Occurrence Reporting system. This system is aimed at gathering reports from organisations or individuals on occurrence events that may not be captured by the mandatory reporting system and other safety-related information which is perceived by the reporter as an actual or potential hazard to aviation safety.

This Voluntary Occurrence Report tool can also be used by individuals within an organisation who feel that their safety concerns are not being addressed sufficiently by their own organisation’s Safety Management System (SMS).

In order to submit a Voluntary Occurrence Report (VOR) to The Civil Aviation Directorate, kindly click here.


The Civil Aviation Directorate safeguards the confidentiality of the reporter, and any person/s identified in the report, in any Occurrence Report brought to its attention as mandated by European and local legislation. The information submitted in each occurrence report shall be used for safety promotion purposes, promoting the notion of ‘Just Culture’ to encourage free and full reporting of events.