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SAFA/SACA/SANA Ramp Inspections


From 28 October 2014 Part-ARO.GEN and Part-ARO.RAMP (Annex II to Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 of 5 October 2012)have entered into force.

ARO.GEN covers the inspections of Maltese operated aircraft under the oversight of TM CAD.
ARO.RAMP covers ramp inspections of third country operators’ aircraft, aircraft operated by other European operators under the safety oversight of EASA Member States and also Maltese registered aircraft operated by European operators (dry lease-out).


SACA (Safety Assessment of Community Aircraft)

Maltese operated aircraft inspected by EASA member states is usually termed as SACA.


SAFA (Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft)

Ramp inspections by EASA Member States on third country operators’ aircraft would be referred to as SAFA. This applies when third country Authorities perform inspections on Maltese aircraft.


SANA (Safety Assessment of National Aircraft)

Ramp inspections of aircraft operated by Maltese operators will be included in the oversight programme of TM CAD as per ARO.GEN.305 (b), taking into consideration safety risk assessment, complexity of operation and activities and performance of past audits.
Ramp inspections falling under the ARO.GEN oversight programme, also usually termed as SANA inspections will be carried out using as much as possible on the same principles as the ARO.RAMP inspections (SACA/SAFA).

Note: SAFA/SACA/SANA terminology is only used for ease of reference and distinction.


EASA Data Analysis on Ramp Inspections

EASA performs data analysis and publishes the operator’s data on the Ramp Inspections Centralized Database. The data pertaining to the operator is available to that operator (only) on the Operator Board of the Data Analysis menu.

EASA has also published document ref INSPECTION INSTRUCTIONS ON THE CATEGORISATION OF RAMP INSPECTION (SAFA/SACA) FINDINGS Issue 6 - dd 28 Oct 2022 which is applicable from 1 Nov 2022.

OAN No.10/14 - Ramp Inspections has been issued on 28 October 2014 by TM-CAD.


Alcohol Testing

TM CAD will start conducting Alcohol Testing as part of the EU Ramp Inspection programme applicable from 14th February 2021. Click here for more information and guidance about the subject.


List of Functions / Inspecting Privileges of Transport Malta Civil Aviation Directorate Inspecting Personnel