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Maltese Legislation

List of Malta Aviation Legislation

he following legislation may be accessed through the internet site:
DISCLAIMER: This list of legislation is being provided for information only, and by no means is intended to be an exhaustive and complete list of all applicable and amended laws.

A: Aircraft (Application of Laws) Ordinance (Cap 80)

(Ordinance X of 1934 as amended by LN 4 of 1963, Act XI of 1973, LN 148 of 1975, and Act XXII of 1976)
[to apply to aircraft certain provisions of law]
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B: Civil Aviation (Air Operators’ Certificates) Act (Cap 218)

(Act XXI of 1970, as amended by Act LVIII of 1974, LN 148 of 1975 and Acts XIII of 1983, X of 1993 and VIII of 2002)
[to provide for the issue, variation, suspension and revocation of air operator’s certificates to companies
operating aircraft for the purpose of public transport]
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S.L. 218.01 Air Operators’ Certificates (Fees) (Amendment) Regulations, 2003

C: Civil Aviation Act (Cap 232)

(Act XLIII of 1972, as amended by Acts XXXII of 1979, XIII of 1983, XXXVII of 1998, XX of 1989 and IX of 2003)
[to regulate civil aviation]
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D: The EUROCONTROL Act (Cap 333)

(Act X of 1989, as amended by Act XIII of 1997 and Act IX of 2003)
[to provide for Malta’s membership to EUROCONTROL]
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S.L. 333.01 Civil Aviation (Route Charges for Navigation Services) Regulations

E: Civil Aviation (Security) Act (Cap 353)

(Act XX of 1991)
[to give effect to the Convention on Offences and Certain Other Acts Committed on Board Aircraft (Tokyo,
1963); the Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Seizure of Aircraft (The Hague, 1970); and the
convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts Against the Safety of Civil Aviation (Montreal 1971); and
the Protocol to the Montreal Convention (1988).]
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F: Airports and Civil Aviation (Security) Act (Cap 405)

(Act XX of 1998)
[to give effect to certain enactments relating to aviation security]
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S.L. 405.01 Regulated Agents Regulations, 2001

S.L. 405.02 Designated Airports (Policing) Order, 2003

S.L. 405,03 Civil Aviation Security Regulations, 2004

G: Code of Conduct for Computerised Reservation Systems Act (Cap 434)

(Act XIX of 2001)
[to provide for a code of conduct for computerised reservation systems]
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H: The Mutual Recognition of Qualifications Act (Cap 451)

(Act No XVIII of 2002)
[relating to the Mutual Recognition of Qualifications]
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I: Employment and Industrial Relations Act (Cap 452)

(Act No XXII of 2002)
[to consolidate, with amendments, the Conditions of Employment (Regulation) Act (Cap 135) and the
Industrial Relations Act (Cap 266)]
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S.L. 452.90 Organisation of Working Time (Civil Aviation) Regulations, 2003 

J : European Union Act (Cap 460)

(Act No V of 2003)
[to provide for Malta’s accession to the European Union and to make provision consequent and ancillary thereto]
NOTE: Article 3 of Act No V of 2003, the European Union Act (Cap 460), makes the provisions of the
Treaties of the European Community part of domestic law in Malta. Article 249 of the ’Consolidated
Version of the Treaty Establishing the European Community’ specifies that regulations made by the
European Parliament / EC Council / EC Commission shall be binding and directly applicable in all EC
member States.
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All EC Regulations relating to air transport are therefore legal in Malta, and any provision of any other
legislation incompatible with such EC Regulations is without effect and unenforceable(Article 3 (2) Act
V of 2003 - CAP 460).
EC aviation-related Regulations may be accessed through the internet site.

K: Authority for Transport in Malta Act (Cap 499)

(Act XV of 2009 as amended)
[To provide for the establishment of a body corporate to be known as the Authority for Transport in Malta
which will assume the functions previously exercised by the Malta Maritime Authority, the Malta Transport
Authority and the Director and Directorate of Civil Aviation and for the exercise by or on behalf of that
Authority of functions relating to roads, to transport by air, rail, road, or sea, within ports and inland
waters, and relating to merchant shipping; to provide for the transfer of certain assets to the Authority
established by this Act; and to make provision with respect to matters ancillary thereto or connected
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S.L. 499.08 Civil Aviation (Exemption from Air Service Licence) Order

Air Navigation Act, Cap. 641 of the Laws of Malta

S.L. 499.15 Civil Aviation Joint Aviation Requirements Order

S.L. 499.16 Statistical Returns in respect of Carriage of Passengers, Freight and Mail Regulations

S.L. 499.17 Definition and Use of Compatible Technical Specifications for the Procurement of Air Traffic Management Equipment and systems Regulations

S.L. 499.19 Airport Economic Regulations

S.L. 499.20 Allocation of Slots at Airport Regulations

S.L. 499.21 Civil Aviation (Restriction of Flying) Regulations

S.L. 499.22 Civil Aviation (Investigation of Air Accidents and Incidents) Regulations

S.L. 499.24 Carriage by Air (International and Non-international Carriage) Order

S.L. 499.25 Airport (Ground handling Services Regulations

S.L. 499.27 Civil Aviation (Air Fares) Regulations

S.L. 499.28 Civil Aviation (Air Transport Licensing) Regulations

S.L. 499.29 Civil Aviation (Aerodrome Licensing) Regulations

S.L. 499.33 Civil Aviation (Air Transport Licensing)(Fees) Regulations

S.L. 499.36 Civil Aviation (Denied Boarding Compensation and Assistance to Passengers)
(Designation of Competent Authority) Regulations 

S.L. 499.39 Civil Aviation (Noise Related Operating Restrictions at Airports) Regulations

S.L. 499.40 Civil Aviation (Denied Boarding Compensation and Assistance to Passengers)

S.L. 499.41 Civil Aviation (Insurance Requirements for Air Carriers and Aircraft Operators)

S.L. 499.44 Air Navigation (Dangerous Goods) Regulations

S.L. 499.45 Civil Aviation (Provision of Air Navigation Services) Order

S.L. 499.47 Civil Aviation (Distribution of Traffic Rights) Regulations

S.L. 499.48 Civil Aviation (Identity of Air Carrier) Order

S.L. 499.50 Civil Aviation (Rights of Disabled Persons and Persons with reduced Mobility)

L. Aircraft Registration Act, (Cap 503)

To regulate the registration of aircraft and aircraft mortgages and to repeal and re-enact various existing laws relating to such matters; and to regulate the aircraft register, to introduce rules on aircraft mortgages, their registration and their enforcement, to introduce rules on special privileges on aircraft, and to implement the Convention on International
Interests in Mobile Equipment and Protocol thereto on Matters Specific to Aircraft Equipment.
(ACT VIII of 2010.)
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L.N. 537 of 2010
Aircraft Registration Act (CAP. 503)
Aircraft Registration (International Registrant) Regulations, 2010
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L.N. 186 of 2011
Aircraft Registration Act (CAP. 503)
Aircraft Registration (Approved Jurisdictions) Regulations, 2011
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