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Examinations and Examiner Standardisation

The Personnel Licensing Unit is responsible for:


  • Part-FCL Examinations (PPL & ATPL)

  • Radio Telephony Test 
    List of Radio Telephony Examiners can be accessed from here
  • Language Proficiency Test
    List of Language Proficiency Examiners, can be accessed from here

  • Examiner Standardisations 

Further information 

Examination rooms have CCTV coverage and images will be recorded for the purpose of monitoring of student’s conduct during the examination. Further information in this regard is available in PEL Notice 77.

Further information about all the above examinations/tests can be found in the respective PEL Notices. 

  • Part-FCL Examinations (PPL & ATPL) - PEL Notice 32, PEL Notice 55, PEL Notice 77
  • Radio Telephony Test - PEL Notice 43
  • Language Proficiency Test - PEL Notice 25, PEL Notice 29, PEL Notice 31, & PEL Notice 72
  • Examiner Standardisation - PEL Notice 49, PEL Notice 66, PEL Notice 68, PEL Notice 81, PEL Notice 88

Conduct of Examinations can be accessed from here 
Students must read this prior to sitting for an exam.

Recommended pre-entry requirements for the Language Proficiency Test:

  • Completion of 9 theoretical knowledge PPL(A) examinations (or higher)
  • Commencement of flight training prior to attending the ELP test

In the event of a failure, the candidate is recommended to attend a 3 month English Language Course at an approved organisation or follows a self-study course for a minimum period of 6 months prior to applying for a re-test.


Airworthiness Inspectorate Unit is responsible for:


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