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Safety Promotion

Safety Promotion is a set of means, processes and procedures that are used to develop, sustain and improve aviation safety through awareness raising and changing behaviours. The promotion of such measures encourages a positive safety culture and helps achieve the service provider’s safety objectives through the combination of technical competence that is continually enhanced through training and education, effective communication, and information-sharing.

Moreover, Safety Promotion is one key enabler to reach the ultimate objectives of the EU Safety Management Strategy and contributes to continuous improvement of our aviation safety system in Europe and worldwide, together with regulations and oversight.

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Safety Promotion material published by EASA can be accessed via the Together4Safety domain.


Conversation Aviation

Conversation Aviation is a collaborative safety promotion initiative by EASA that involves organisations from across Europe and beyond. Whether you work in an airline, airport, maintenance organisation, ground handler, or anywhere else, creating interesting and engaging safety promotion is not easy. The main goal is to get the whole industry to have positive conversations about how to operate safely and effectively.

Published every quarter as a magazine, created in a collaborative way with organisations from across the aviation community. 

 If you would like to contribute towards Conversation Aviation or provide an article, you may contact us by sending an email to or EASA to

Issue 01-23
Issue 02-23

YouTube Channel


Safety Management International Collaboration Group (SM-ICG)

The Safety Management International Collaboration Group (SMICG) is made up of 18 aviation regulatory authorities. The group was created to promote safety management principles and requirements, and to make it easier to facilitate their application across the international aviation community.

The SMICG’s purpose is to:

  • Promote the principles and requirements of safety management systems (SMS) and state safety programs (SSP)
  • Help other countries create and use SMS’ and SSPs
  • Work together on topics related to SMS/ SSP
  • Share lessons learned
  • Work towards creating a harmonized SMS
  • Share information with the aviation community
  • Liaise with ICAO

 To view all products issued by SM-ICG click here.


EASA together4safety Covid-19

The aviation industry is founded on its dedicated, professional people. At the start of 2020 we could never have imagined what the aviation community is going through right now. It doesn’t matter what role you have in our industry it is likely that you will have been impacted in some way by COVID-19. The best way we can all get through these challenging times is by looking after ourselves and those around us.

One of the positive things that has come from this crisis has been the way our community has come together to help and support each other. EASA Together4Safety has collaborated with T-C Alliance and a wide range of other organisations to create this Wellbeing Resource Hub to provide easy access to information to help you.