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Tourists Visiting Malta

Drone operators visiting Malta and intending to fly a drone need to register on, and uploading a valid third party insurance. If the operator already holds an EASA UAS Operator registration number, they may opt for a three-month registration for 10Eur, otherwise, they must register to obtain an EASA UAS Operator registration number for 25Eur. The remote pilot is also required to hold a valid remote pilot license depending on his/her category of drone operation.

Since all Malta is controlled airspace, all drone flights in Malta need to be authorised by TM-CAD. To this end, the drone operator is required to submit flight request(s) on, specifying the date/time, location and height of operation. For flight requests which infringe a restricted zone, the operator should upload an email in the Comments section of the submission from the owner of the restricted zone indicating they have ‘no objection’ for the operator to conduct drone operations over their property.