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Requirements for Maltese SPO Operators

In order to fulfil Part-ORO and Part-SPO, the operator must:

i. Have a management system in place
ii. Create an operations manual describing its operation including the Management System and SOPs
iii. Appoint nominated persons
iv. Have an approved MEL
v. Submit a declaration form to the competent authority where the principal place of business is located or where the operator is residing

 In addition the operator shall submit the following forms;

i. Relevant application forms for Specific Approvals and Maintenance Requirements.
ii. Compliance Statement and Checklist for Part SPO
iii. Compliance Statement and Checklist for SMS
iv. SPO.IDE forms
v. Relevant application forms for Airworthiness Certification

Management System

The management system should be in accordance to AMC 1 ORO.GEN.200 (a) (b) and should be in accordance to the size and complexity of the operations.

i. Non Complex Operators require checklists and documented processes.
ii. Complex Operators require a full management system according to ORO.GEN.200.

Operations Manual

The SPO Operations Manual should be a standalone document and the layout should be in accordance to AMC4 ORO.MLR.100.

Declaration Form

The declaration form must be completed by the accountable manager for the operation and sent to the CAD.

After receiving the declaration, the CAD will issue a standard letter of acknowledgement of receipt to the SPO operator within 10 working days. This letter shall be carried on board as a receipt for e.g. ramp inspections.

The declaration and authorisation will form part of the CAD oversight programme for SPO aircraft which is due to start within one year after implementation of this regulation.