The Personnel Licensing Unit is responsible for:


  • Part-FCL Examinations (PPL & ATPL)

  • Radio Telephony Test 
    List of Radio Telephony Examiners can be accessed from here
  • Language Proficiency Test
    List of Language Proficiency Examiners, can be accessed from here


Further information 
Further information about all the above examinations/tests can be found in the respective PEL Notices. 

  • Part-FCL Examinations (PPL & ATPL) - PEL Notice 32, PEL Notice 35 & PEL Notice 77
  • Radio Telephony Test - PEL Notice 43
  • Language Proficiency Test - PEL Notice 25, PEL Notice 29, PEL Notice 31, & PEL Notice 72


Airworthiness Inspectorate Unit is responsible for:

  • Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence


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