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Licensing & Certification

Certification according to EASA regulations

Aerodromes, including equipment, open to public use and which serve commercial air transport and where operations using instrument approach or departure procedures are provided, and:

(a) have a paved runway of 800 metres or above; or

(b) exclusively serve helicopters;

shall comply and be certified in accordance with the provisions and Essential Requirements of Regulation EU 2018/1139 and its Implementing Rules set in Regulation EU 139/2014. Personnel and organisations involved in the operation of these aerodromes shall comply with these Regulations.


Licensing according to National Legislation

Aerodromes which have less than 10,000 passenger movements per year, handle no more than 850 movements related to cargo operations per year, or do not meet the criteria listed in paragraph 1 above, shall be licensed in accordance with Article 69 and 71 of the SL 499.09 Air Navigation Order, and SL 499.29 Civil Aviation (Aerodrome Licensing Regulations) as amended. The licensing process follows the standards and recommended requirements published by ICAO in Annex 14 Vol. I and II as amended from time to time. 


Documents & Forms

Advisory Documents

ASAD-01 Guidance to operators planning to apply for an Aerodrome Licence (National Legislation)

ASAD-02 Guidance material to define the obligations of the Aerodrome Operator (National Legislation)

ASAD-03 Guidelines on submitting an Aerodrome Manual (National Legislation)

ASAD-04 Change Management Process at EASA Certified Aerodromes

ASAD-05 Laser emissions which may endanger safety of aircraft

ASAD-06 Unlicensed landing sites in Malta

ASAD-07 New Global Reporting Format for Runway Surface Condition

ASAD-08 Guidance on the provision of Apron Management Services



ANSAU_ADR_000_ADRL - Application for an Aerodrome Licence (National Legislation)

ANSAU_ADR_001_CHNG - Application for Proposed Change at EASA Certified Aerodromes

ANSAU_ADR_002_CBCS - Application for a Special Condition at an EASA Certified Aerodrome

ANSAU_ADR_003_ELOS - Application for Equivalent Level of Safety at an EASA Certified Aerodrome

ANSAU_ADR_004_AMOC - Application for Alternative Means of Compliance at an EASA Certified Aerodrome

ANSAU_ADR_023_FLYD - Application to conduct an Aerial Display

ANSAU_ADR_025_OFFS - Application to conduct Off-Site Operations