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Air Navigation Services & Aerodromes

The Air Navigation Services and Aerodromes Unit is responsible for:

Planning and coordinating actions designed to achieve national and pan-European Air Traffic Management objectives in a safe and efficient manner;

Monitoring and implementing the relevant actions relating to air navigation standards arising out of Malta’s membership of international organizations or from local legal or administrative requirements;

Regulating Air Traffic Management and airspace design (includes communications, navigation, surveillance, airspace and air traffic management systems and procedures, meteorology, as well as Aeronautical Information Services);

Regulating the Malta Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP);

Monitoring and assessing international aerodrome safety developments and common practices and implementing these requirements within the Maltese Aerodrome scene as necessary;

Ensuring that Licensed Aerodromes in Malta are properly equipped, maintained and safely operated in accordance with local and international aviation standards, recommended practices, regulations and laws.

Effecting safety audits and inspections of Licensed Aerodromes and Air Navigation facilities to ensure continued competency of Aerodrome Operators and Air Navigation Service Providers;

Providing guidelines, operating conditions and issuing permissions as required, for the safe operation of unlicensed aerodromes, sites and helipads, including seaborne operations.

Advising Ministries, the local Planning Authority and Aerodrome Operators on aerodrome safeguarding and proposed operational developments at licensed aerodromes.