Imporant Notice: Rescheduling of Examinations


Part-66 Module Examinations

Part-66 Module Examinations have been suspended until further notice.


 English Language Proficiency Test

Following the recent developments and based on the decisions taken by the government TM CAD will be re commencing the Theoretical Examination as per schedule hereunder. English Language Proficiency Tests will also recommence however these are planned to be scheduled for the end of June beginning July. Dates for these tests will be communicated to the public at a later stage. Any payments already made for examinations will remain on the account of the students until they are able to sit for their examinations.



Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence


Part-FCL PPL(A) Theoretical Examinations


Part-FCL ATPL(A) Theoretical Examinations 



To be advised

Applications and required documentation are to be submitted together with payment, following which the applicant is notified of the scheduled slot for RT and/or ELP tests accordingly. The frequency of these tests depends on the availability of examiners and will be held at our premises at the Malta Transport Centre, Pantar Road, Lija.