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Malta - Gozo Fixed Link

The Government of Malta, through Infrastructure Malta, and under the direction of Transport Malta and other applicable authorities, is currently planning the implementation of the Malta-Gozo Tunnel project, to establish a permanent link between these two islands and open up new social and economic opportunities for families and businesses in Gozo.

Several studies, including an environmental impact assessment, are currently being compiled to rigorously plan this major infrastructural investment. Experts with extensive experience in their respective fields of study, and approved by the relevant authorities, are conducting these independent studies to identify the most sustainable and safest tunnel route and the best possible implementation methods.

Whilst several studies are still in progress, the following reports are available:

A Study about the Tunnel between Malta and Gozo
September 2018
Dr Vincent Marmarà Ph.D.(Stir.), FRSS.

Two scientific research surveys to determine the travelling patterns between Malta and Gozo. This report also analyses the opinion of citizens towards the tunnel between the two islands, and several related factors.

Geological & Geotechnical Investigation.
2017 – 2018
University of Malta (download - 51.2MB)

These studies were carried out in 2017 and 2018 to gather information about the sub-surface conditions for the proposed tunnel between Malta and Gozo. A series of geophysical and seismic investigations were carried out, including both desktop and field studies. The reports provide a preliminary study, as well as the interpretation of the data collected, including the investigative coring data.

Investigative Coring Report
May 2018
Geotec spa (download - 291.2MB)

The results of series of cores, 4 in Malta, 3 in Gozo and 2 in the channel off Comino, which were extracted to gather preliminary geological information of the areas under investigation.

Social Impact Assessment – Tunnel link between the Island of Gozo and Mainland Malta.
March 2017
Dr Marvin Formosa, PhD.

This study assesses the social impact of the possibility of constructing a permanent tunnel link between Gozo and Malta. The findings of this study are based on interviews, published material, expert opinions and a survey questionnaire amongst Gozitan residents.

A Preliminary Analysis

In July 2011, through the EU JASPERS program of technical assistance to Malta, Transport Malta obtained the services of Mott MacDonald to carry out a preliminary analysis of road tunnel link options between Malta and Gozo.

The purpose of the five month study was to provide a list of technical, engineering, environmental and economic issues relating to potential sub-sea tunnel fixed-link options connecting Malta and Gozo. The study presents a high level analysis of different tunnel options based on existing data, studies, information, site visits and various discussions with stakeholders.

The final report:
· Presents a background review and a list of key issues identified during consultation with the various stakeholders;
· Provides a broad economic assessment of introducing a fixed link between Malta and Gozo;
· Identifies four potential tunnel alignments for further investigation;
· Presents a high level environmental assessment of each of the four tunnel route alignments.
A presentation is available here (pdf, 2012, 691kb)
The report by Mott MacDonald is available here (pdf, 2012, 13.1Mb)