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Road Safety Education

It is important that children receive road safety education as part of their school curriculum. Road safety professionals and educators must plan and support road safety programs and train the educators. Parental involvement is also important to model and reinfroce road safety behaviour. Parents and caregivers should be active participants in developing children's road safety skills. Parental involvement may also influence parents to become better role models for road safety, such as emphasising the importance of wearing a seat belt, not speeding, and refraining from reckless driving. Training children to recognise and interpret visual road clues is critical and will effectively develop their skills, become more aware of relevant clues and evaluate traffic situations more efficiently. Road Safety Education involves teaching children to be safer road users by developing:

  • Knowledge and understanding of road traffic
  • Behavioural skills necessary to survive in traffic
  • An understanding of their own responsabilities for keeping themselves safe
  • Knowledge of the causes and consequences of road crashes
  • A responsible attitude toward their own safety and the safety of others

Transport Malta occasionally hosts workshops on Road Safety Education for Children. The aim is to enhance the teaching of road safety skills in schools, outlining the road safety initiatives organised in local councils and schools and to increase road safety awareness in children and parents. Special attention is given to educating children in sound road safety principles and basics, crossing of roads, the use of pelican and zebra crossings, the use of cycling helmets and gloves and other general road safety skills.

Road Safety Games

Traffic Rules Worksheet Games

A number of interesting worksheet games which include number grids, word search grids, matching pictures, filling in the correct words, finding the trail, joining the dots, picture colouring, solving jumbled words and finding the missing signs. Such games help to encourage children to learn more about road safety and thus enhancing Road Safety Education. download

Traffic Rules Board Games

Board Games for children depicting Road Safety Education. download