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European Mobility Week

Following the success of previous editions, Transport Malta, in conjunction with the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects once again launched the annual competitions as part of the European Mobility Week 2023. This year’s European Mobility Week theme is Save Energy. Interested parties are encouraged to read through the documentation hereunder and register for the information sessions.

Promoting active mobility: financial grants in favour of active mobility projects: walking, running and cycling among others.

The Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects together with Transport Malta is announcing EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2023, an initiative led by the European Commission.

Taking place from the 16th to the 22nd of September, this campaign coincides with World Car Free Day and aims to promote sustainable transportation options. One of the key focuses of this year’s campaign is the expansion of pedestrianised zones in urban village cores and the introduction and promotion of cycle lanes in towns and villages.To encourage active participation, two competitions have been announced for Local Councils, NGOs, and consortiums:

1) Competition for Permanent Sustainable Mobility Measures: With a budget of €110,000, this competition offers a substantial opportunity for applicants. The winner will receive €50,000, while the 1st and 2nd runners-up will be awarded €30,000 each. The campaign gives localities the chance to explore the role of their respective streets and possibly implement practical solutions to tackle issues related to urban challenges, such as traffic congestion, air pollution and lack of accessibility in urban village cores. This campaign also enables localities to focus on the increase of pedestrianized zones in urban village cores as well as the introduction and promotion of cycle lanes in the respective town/village.

2) Competition for Small Events and Activities: This competition provides various grant options based on the nature and scale of the organized events. Successful applicants can receive a cash grant of €1,500 for organizing a Car Free Day, €2,000 for coordinating a week of activities during EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK, and €2,500 for planning both a Car Free Day and a Week of Activities.

These initiatives aim to encourage local communities, councils, and NGOs to actively participate in promoting sustainable mobility and reducing car dependency. By increasing pedestrian zones and implementing cycle lanes, the campaign strives to create safer and more accessible urban environments while reducing traffic congestion and emissions.

Minister Aaron Farrugia commended these initiatives and explained the significance behind them. "Through these schemes, we can develop tangible infrastructure for the people in urban areas where people work and live. I look forward to see interesting proposals put forward and in turn, projects come to fruition. These schemes go hand in hand with our plan to give back to the people areas which are not entirely dominated by excessive vehicle use" concluded Farrugia.

To compliment the above, Transport Malta shall also be organizing a National Bicycle Ride in order to generate awareness regarding the importance of cycling as an alternate mode of transport as well as its health benefits. Moreover, a Cycling Course targeting current and aspiring road engineers, architects and other interested parties focusing on good practices in shared road designs shall be organised by Transport Malta. The course includes actual application on Maltese roads.

Transport Malta’s CEO, Mr. Jonathan Borg, said that "such initiatives help those who apply gain valuable knowledge and support, to develop and implement innovative projects while promoting environmentally friendly transport, reduce congestion, and improve the overall quality of life for their residents."

An educational booklet on Sustainable Mobility and Road Safety will be distributed to all students in Year 11 of all state, independent and church schools. As in previous years, Transport Malta will collaborate with Nature Trust to support the development of Green Travel Plans in schools to encourage, promote and support active travel in educational institutions targeting both teachers and students.

By fostering a culture of sustainable transportation, EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2023 seeks to inspire positive changes in commuting behaviors and promote the use of eco-friendly alternatives. Through these competitions and initiatives, Transport Malta and the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects are dedicated to supporting sustainable and greener mobility solutions for the benefit of all.

For additional details about the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2023 initiatives, visit the Transport Malta website. Two online information sessions will be organised on Wednesday 19th July at 09.00am and on Monday 24th July at 10:00am. Interested parties are kindly requested to register their interest by sending an email on While for more information kindly access 



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