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It is understood that one way to address the current problems relating to transport and the environment is by deploying readily available, state-of -the-art, tried and tested technologies which can be implemented in the Maltese context. One such technology is electromobility.

Government is supporting Electromobility, not because of EU obligations dictate so, but because electromobility presents the right solutions for our country’s needs and context. Battery Electric Vehicles are 51% more efficient than vehicles with an internal combustion engine which emit toxic exhaust fumes. Thus, the more Battery Electric Vehicles are introduced on our roads, the more benefits can be experienced to the air quality.

In view of this, the Government has launched various incentives that promote and facilitate the purchase and use of Battery Electric Vehicles in Malta. Currently, for buyers who do not have an old ICE vehicle to trade in, the grant amount for the purchase of a new electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle is that of €11,000. A five-year exemption is also in place on the payment of license fees for electric vehicles, while electric vehicles will also be exempt from the registration tax. In addition to the electric vehicle grant, an additional amount is being made available for minibuses, coaches and trucks that install photovoltaic panels with a maximum grant of €900.

The Government is working on implementing a National Electric Car Charging Network which will provide Battery Electric Vehicle users the possibility to charge their car using publicly accessible car charging points in specific and prominent parking spaces across Malta and Gozo which will be connected through a network.

The current Financial Incentives for 2023 can be accessed through this link