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Public Transport

Successful public transport is an essential part of any transport sector emissions reduction strategy. It is a public good, delivering benefits for transport efficiency, pollution reduction, the local and national economy, and social inclusiveness. To make public transport an attractive and everyday choice for residents, it must be well designed, to help overcome physical and cultural barriers. High-quality public transport services need to be reliable, frequent, fast, comfortable, accessible, convenient, affordable, and safe, serving routes for which there is demand.

Over the past decade, the public transport sector has experienced continuous changes with the aim of constantly improving the service provided nationwide. Public transport plays a major role in the National Transport Strategy and Transport Master Plan 2050 as it is a means of mass transportation. By using public transport instead of the sole private car use we will be helping reduce pollution, gas emissions, and aim to have better air quality. Several initiatives have been launched in order to support this service, such as the launch of free public transport on 1st October 2022 for all personalized Travel Card holders. The introduction of direct routes or On-demand services has been made available to several localities.

It is planned that by 2030 all the vehicles operated on the scheduled public transport service will be run by vehicles that have zero emissions from the tailpipe. In the coming weeks 30 new 12-meter buses and electrically powered buses will be joining the bus fleet. These will be joining 2 already electrically powered buses which have already been introduced. Through partial funding through the RRP fund, 102 electrically powered buses will be replacing diesel-powered buses that are currently in service by 2025.

In conclusion, we can say that although a lot has been done and is being done, there will always be a place for continuous improvement and growth which can only be achieved if all relevant parties not only the service provider and the authorities but also the general public collaborate together to accomplish same. Nothing can be achieved by planning, providing, and maintaining an excellent service if there are no end users. Transport Malta as the authority for Transport in Malta welcomes all feedback and opportunities to be able to assist in the implementation of better service through better and faster.