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What Customers Mean to Us

Caring for our Customers

Transport Malta is committed to delivering exceptionally high-quality services. This document sets out the standard for dealing with our Customers.

What does Customer Care mean?

  • We value our Customers and place them at the forefront of our decision making process, and we will continuously ensure that our Customers experience a positive, friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, and courteous service.
  • We will seek to understand the Customer’s needs and conclude all enquiries to the Customer’s satisfaction.
  • We will carry out regular checks to make sure we are meeting the standards we have set by conducting internal audits.

Walk-in Customers

When meeting you, we will:

  • Be polite, friendly and helpful, and listen to you, giving you our full attention;
  • Use plain language in Maltese and English, avoiding jargon;
  • Make sure that the area you are visiting is tidy, clean, pleasant, welcoming and accessible;
  • Respect your personal information providing confidentiality within the parameters of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Hence, to this effect the following refers:
    • All information related to you as our Customer being you the data subject may be provided to the data subject directly only.
    • If any other person is enquiring about anything related to another person, s/he must provide our Customer Care Personnel a signed authorisation letter, in the form of a consent letter, specifying exactly what information shall be given to this third party representing and querying on behalf of another person. Hence the consent letter must have a date, name & surname & ID card number of the data subject, name & surname & ID card number of the person requesting the information and the specific information that has to be provided.
    • Our Customers are being informed that no information will be provided to runners, dealers, insurance entities, government departments, ministries, other TM employees or other third parties without the authorisation in the form of a consent letter. This is not disputable. In the case of insurance entities, in the absence of a consent letter, such entity may submit a request by email on the dedicated email address
    • Information can be given without a consent letter to the Police / Social Security / other entities based on a request written in their official capacity. Information will be provided only if permitted by quoted legislation.
    • Any deceased person is not covered under GDPR legislation. If an heir is enquiring about a vehicle possessed by the deceased, the Customer Care Officer is obliged to require for a declaration from a notary confirming that the client is truly an heir to the deceased.
    • Companies are not covered under GDPR regulations. However, at the same time, it is being considered as unethical to provide information to anyone requiring information about vehicles owned by a company. To this effect, information can be provided to the contact person or to any person authorised by the company (board resolution) including the company secretary and to any of the directors. If a person is making an enquiry on behalf of the company we would require an authorization letter. In case of a government entity or similar, we can request an authorization letter from the Chairman / CEO etc.
    • Consent letters must always be accompanied by a copy of the ID Card of the data subject and the ID Card of the person making the enquiry. It is being noted that in this case, such copies of ID Cards will not be kept for records due to the provision of the consent letter, where a note will be written on it stating that the ID Cards have been verified. The consent letter will be stamped / signed and filed in the dedicated file.
    • As our Customer kindly note that you will be recorded as a walk-in client for statistical purposes and reports. The information will also be utilised in case one needs to trace back who assisted a Customer and for continuation purposes. If as a Customer, one refuses to provide one’s personal data and generic information is required, the Customer has every right to do so. In this case, the Customer will be logged into the system as an ’Anonymous Client’. On the other hand, if the information required involves in some way or another personal data, a Customer Care Official may provide information only if the Customer agrees that we log one’s personal details into the system. The reason why we would need to log a Customer’s personal details is that we must be sure to provide personal information only to the data subject concerned. All information that is related to a person must be duly logged and we must know to whom this information is being provided. If a Customer refuses to provide personal details, we will not be able to give any information to that Customer. Anonymous requests for personal information are not acceptable.
    • Whilst a Customer Care Office can accept applications (e.g. VEH54 / VEH07 etc…) on behalf of someone else, the acknowledgements may be given to third parties other than the data subject without the need of a consent letter, where such acknowledgement will be issued in the name of the applicant being the data subject.
    • The issuance of a 4-hour permit. It can be issued only to the registered owner, unless a consent letter is forwarded by a third party on behalf of the registered owner. Please refer to POL16 for detailed information about the policy and kindly refer to the sample authorisation letter that must be presented to the Customer Care Unit together with the registered owner’s ID Card (or driving licence or passport) and the authorised party’s ID card (or driving licence or passport). In the case of companies, whilst this is NOT a GDPR issue, the permit may be issued if requested by the contact person, company secretary, any director or through a request formalised by the company (board resolution).
    • Customer requests to print a driving licence renewal form must be accompanied by a consent letter if someone else is asking for it on behalf of the data subject. Alternatively the Customer Care Official will print such form but mail it to the data subject to the address recorded in our system.
    • The Customer is being notified that no information can be given about
      • Internal investigations related to reported illegalities. The only information that may be shared in this case is that the report was lodged and escalated to the relevant section for investigation and action. Investigation outcomes cannot be relayed to the complainant as it often involves other persons:
      • Previous owners, where the vehicle was taken by previous owners for the VRT test, from which agent/dealer the vehicle was previously bought etc. The data subject has the right for information starting as from when the vehicle was officially transferred in his name and ending when the vehicle is no longer in his name. No type of information can be provided on what happened before or what happened after.

Alternative communication with the Customer

We will do our best to:

  • Let you know who you are communicating to;
  • Be polite, friendly, helpful and interested in your context;
  • Find out who can best help you, redirect your query if necessary, and communicate back if appropriate;
  • Give you direct numbers where and if appropriate;
  • Respect your personal information providing confidentiality within the parameters of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Hence, to this effect the following refers:
    • Unfortunately one can never be 100% sure that the person who is contacting the Authority is the data subject. In order to best safeguard the Customer being the data subject, a Customer Care Official will ask for sufficient details that are contained within the ID Card plus a few questions that only the data subject is expected to know. If a person cannot reply to the queries made, the Customer Care Official will not provide information and hence the particular Customer is obliged to call in person.

Equal opportunities

We are committed to providing quality services for all our Customers. We will do our best to provide access to information and services in a way which suits your needs, respecting the parameters of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).