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Malta National Transport Awards 2023

Transport plays a vital role in the daily lives of people and businesses. From providing easy access to goods and services to enabling people to commute to work, school or other destinations, transport is an essential aspect of modern society. To recognize and celebrate the efforts of individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to the transport industry, the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects will be hosting the Malta National Transport Awards.

Transport is a significant sector in our country that faces various challenges for which we need solutions. We need the valuable contributions of all of society to tackle these ever-growing challenges in an ever-evolving landscape and economy.

The awards are free to enter and all proposals will be evaluated by a team of experts and valued according to their contribution to improving transportation and mobility.

The Malta Narional Transport Awards Ceremony aims to achieve the following objectives:

1. To recognize and honor outstanding individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to the transport industry.
2. To showcase best practices, innovations, and achievements in the transport sector.
3. To foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among transport professionals and stakeholders.

To raise awareness of the importance of sustainable and efficient transport systems.

Award Categories:

The awards ceremony will feature several categories to recognize excellence in various areas of the transport industry. These categories may include:

Innovation Projects entered into this category need to demonstrate good results- it could be a project that is the first of its kind in Malta and/or Gozo or a project that has been done before but has been approached differently. Projects should stand out as being that bit different.

The project could employ new technology or a new way of working to bring about great results. Please submit evidence that the project has brought about good results, demonstrated benefits to users and or efficiencies throughout the operation. Please note that if your project is very recent, we appreciate that results may be limited.

Sustainability A submission in this category should demonstrate how your organisation has implemented policies to reduce its impact on the environment (for example reduced carbon footprint), supported by clear results. The types of projects that would qualify for this category include the use of alternative vehicle fuels and technologies or freight practices which have resulted in mileage and/or emissions/reductions.

A submission in this category should demonstrate how effective teamwork has brought improvements to transport services or facilities. We will be looking for evidence that working practices, or improved working practices have delivered improvements. 

Modal Shift An entry in this category should demonstrate developments which have delivered modal shift.
Entries in this category need to demonstrate how particular policies and projects have improved the street environment. Examples of initiatives for this Award include environmental enhancement schemes, pedestrian schemes or parking and warden policies. Before and after photographs help the Judges with this category.

Alternatively, a cycling strategy may form the basis of a submission for this category or an individual scheme, which has brought significant benefits. Increased numbers of people cycling or reduced cycle casualties are two ways that you could document the success of your work.

This category may also cover areas of transport marketing including information, promotion and travel planning providing clear evidence that the approach that you have chosen has brought about results. This may be patronage/usage increases, modal shift or greater awareness of a particular service/ facility, or feature.

Infrastructure Designs being entered into this category should demonstrate good results and evidence the design has potential for flexibility in the future and be environmentally and economically sustainable. Excellence should be demonstrated in innovation, invention, and originality - it could be a design that is the first of its kind in the country and shows that it adds value and stands out above the

An entry in this category covers projects or initiatives that can demonstrate improved access to travel or the travel experience for disabled people. We will be looking for entries which highlight innovation, the extent to which the proposer has sought to build upon learning through engagement with disabled people, positive team or partnership collaboration, and the extent to which they benefit disabled people who are in hard-to-reach groups.

Safety This category encompasses all aspects of road safety, traffic management and enforcement. Examples of projects that would qualify are speed management, road space reallocation projects (for example bus lanes) and parking enforcement schemes. We will be looking for results such as casualty reductions, improved journey reliability, modal shift, or congestion reduction.

Initiatives to adopt safety measures in transport for safety use, maintenance travel and so on



The Awards are free to enter

Award entries no longer should take the form of a 1000 word essay-style document. You will now be required to submit answers to following questions:

This document should be sent via email on by not later than Monday 13th November at noon .

  1. Who are we? (max 500 characters)
  2. Project Initiative or Service Overview (max 2000 characters)
  3. Key Results / Outcomes / Performance NB: Written as text as opposed to e.g. tabular / graphical. Comparison to previous years or national / regional average encouraged (max 2000 characters)

*characters include spaces

You must link these answers to the criteria for the category you are entering.

Projects forming part of a submission (including improvements to existing schemes) must have been implemented after January 2023 and any results should include the latest data

You may submit the same entry for more than one award category

Award entries must clearly demonstrate the positive results the project/initiative has achieved. These results could, for example, take the form of increased passenger satisfaction levels, improved service reliability, higher carbon savings, increased efficiency, higher patronage growth, increased safety levels etc. The strongest entries will convey results in a statistical manner and show how the results have been measured

If the aim of the project was to provide a solution to an existing problem, make sure you describe the previous situation and the subsequent positive changes and results that have occurred since implementation

In order to make your entry stand out from the others, it is a good idea to highlight any innovative elements contained in the project/initiative

You can upload and include photographs and diagrams if they help to better illustrate your results/achievements, for example, improvements of public realm projects may be conveyed more strongly if photographs underpin the written entry
If your project has already won a business award we recommend that you tell us about a different project(s) or make it clear how the projects(s) has progressed since you won the award

Do not supply supporting material unless specified under award category