The information provided in this webpage is linked to the live Road Permit System and the dates shown indicate the current validity dates of the permit granted to the Contractor, as per his request, to carry out the works. Nonetheless, the information provided in this webpage is only intended to be of generic information to the public provided on an "As-Is" basis, without warranty of any kind, whether expressed or implied.

TypeLocal CouncilStreetFromTo
Road WorksATTARD [Ħ' Attard]TRIQ IL- GRADILJA02/06/201417/09/2014
Road WorksATTARD [Ħ' Attard]TRIQ IL- PITKALI02/06/201417/09/2014
Road WorksATTARD [Ħ' Attard]TRIQ IL- MOSTA29/07/201410/09/2014
Road WorksATTARD [Ħ' Attard]TRIQ SANTA KATERINA29/07/201410/09/2014
Road WorksATTARD [Ħ' Attard]TRIQ SANT'ANTON04/08/201428/08/2014
Road WorksATTARD [Ħ' Attard]HEMSIJA, LIMITI TA'21/08/201401/09/2014
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ HILDA TABONE07/01/201415/09/2014
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ IL- LBIC07/01/201415/09/2014
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ IL- MAJJISTRAL07/01/201415/09/2014
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ IN- NOFSINHAR07/01/201415/09/2014
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ IT- TRAMUNTANA07/01/201415/09/2014
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ GILORMU CASSAR07/01/201415/09/2014
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ ID- DEJQA08/01/201415/09/2014
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ IL- FOSS08/01/201415/09/2014
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ IL- KWARTIER08/01/201415/09/2014
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ IN- NOFSINHAR08/01/201415/09/2014
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ PACIFIKU SCICLUNA08/01/201415/09/2014
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ IL- PALAZZ TA' L-ISQOF08/01/201415/09/2014
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ IL- PAPA ALESSANDRU VII08/01/201415/09/2014
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ IT- TORRI SAN GWANN08/01/201415/09/2014
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ GANN FRANGISK ABELA08/01/201415/09/2014
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ L- ARCISQOF MIKIEL GONZI08/01/201415/09/2014
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ IL- KUNSILL POPOLARI08/01/201415/09/2014
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ IL- LVANT08/01/201415/09/2014
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ IL- PAPA ALESSANDRU VII08/01/201415/09/2014
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ IT- TORRI SAN GWANN08/01/201415/09/2014
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TELGHET IL- VITTMI TAL-POLVRISTA08/01/201415/09/2014
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ SAN DUMINKU08/01/201415/09/2014
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ KOTTONERA21/07/201422/09/2014
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ IL- MERGHAT (ZONA INDUSTRIJALI, MRIEHEL)22/07/201431/08/2014
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ BRARED04/08/201430/08/2014
Road WorksBIRZEBBUGA [Birżebbuġa]HAL FAR, LIMITI TA'07/01/201412/09/2014
Road WorksBIRZEBBUGA [Birżebbuġa]HAL FAR, LIMITI TA'19/08/201423/09/2014
Road WorksBORMLA [Bormla (Ċittà Cospicua)]TRIQ SANTA TEREZA11/03/201431/08/2014
Road WorksBORMLA [Bormla (Ċittà Cospicua)]TRIQ IL- PELLEGRINAGG04/07/201417/10/2014
Road WorksBORMLA [Bormla (Ċittà Cospicua)]TRIQ IL- GUBLEW TAL-FIDDA21/07/201422/09/2014
Road WorksBurmarradTRIQ TONI CAMILLERI14/05/201431/08/2014
Road WorksDINGLI [Ħad-Dingli]TRIQ IT- TURRETTA15/05/201423/09/2014
Road WorksFLORIANA [Il-Furjana]TREJQET IL- FOSOS29/07/201422/08/2014
Road WorksGHAJNSIELEM [Għajnsielem]TRIQ IZ- ZEWWIEQA19/08/201427/08/2014
Road WorksGHARB [L-Għarb]TRIQ TUMAS CASSAR19/08/201427/08/2014
Road WorksGHAXAQ [Ħal Għaxaq]TRIQ IL- BELT VALLETTA28/04/201420/10/2014
Road WorksGZIRA [Il-Gżira]TRIQ BELVEDERE06/08/201430/08/2014
Road WorksHAMRUN [Il-Ħamrun]TRIQ JOE GASAN14/04/201425/09/2014
Road WorksIKLIN [L-Iklin]TRIQ GERONIMO ABOS30/06/201431/08/2014
Road WorksIl-Belt VallettaTriq Il-Papa Piju V15/05/201131/12/2030
Road WorksISLA [L-Isla (Ċittà Invicta)]TRIQ IS- SUR01/08/201403/09/2014
Road WorksKALKARA [Il-Kalkara]TRIQ LUIGI PISANI27/05/201409/09/2014
Road WorksKALKARA [Il-Kalkara]TRIQ IS- SALVATUR27/05/201409/09/2014
Road WorksKALKARA [Il-Kalkara]TRIQ IL- KAPUCCINI05/08/201420/08/2014
Road WorksLIJA [Ħal Lija]TREJQET IL- KJERIKU GAKBU ABELA19/08/201401/10/2014
Road WorksLIJA [Ħal Lija]TRIQ TA' TORBA19/08/201401/10/2014
Road WorksLIJA [Ħal Lija]TRIQ PANTAR19/08/201401/10/2014
Road WorksLIJA [Ħal Lija]TRIQ IL- MOSTA19/08/201412/11/2014
Road WorksLIJA [Ħal Lija]TRIQ SIR UGO MIFSUD21/08/201410/09/2014
Road WorksMADLIENA [Il-Madliena]TRIQ IL- MADLIENA30/10/201317/08/2014
Road WorksMARSA [Il-Marsa]TRIQ ALDO MORO24/05/201331/08/2014
Road WorksMarsalfornTRIQ IL- WIED10/04/201417/10/2014
Road WorksMARSASKALA [Marsaskala]TRIQ APAP BOLOGNA20/05/201415/09/2014
Road WorksMARSASKALA [Marsaskala]TRIQ ID- DUGH20/05/201415/09/2014
Road WorksMARSASKALA [Marsaskala]TRIQ IL- MAGHLUQ20/05/201415/09/2014
Road WorksMARSASKALA [Marsaskala]TRIQ IL- BLAJJIET15/07/201401/09/2014
Road WorksMARSASKALA [Marsaskala]TRIQ IN- NAGHNIEGH15/07/201401/09/2014
Road WorksMARSASKALA [Marsaskala]TRIQ SAN FRANGISK29/07/201409/09/2014
Road WorksMELLIEHA [Il-Mellieħa]TRIQ GHAJN ZEJTUNA15/07/201413/10/2014
Road WorksMELLIEHA [Il-Mellieħa]TRIQ TA' TAHT L-IRDUM15/07/201413/10/2014
Road WorksMELLIEHA [Il-Mellieħa]TRIQ IZ- ZEBBUG30/07/201428/08/2014
Road WorksMOSTA [Il-Mosta]TRIQ FRANGISKU PISANI17/07/201430/10/2014
Road WorksMOSTA [Il-Mosta]TRIQ IL- HTAJRIET, TRIQ GDIDA FI17/07/201430/10/2014
Road WorksMOSTA [Il-Mosta]VJAL IL- QALBIENA MOSTIN17/07/201430/10/2014
Road WorksMOSTA [Il-Mosta]TRIQ VALLETTA17/07/201430/10/2014
Road WorksMOSTA [Il-Mosta]XIFER IL-KIEF, LIMITI TAL-21/08/201401/09/2014
Road WorksMrieħel Industrial ZoneTRIQ L- ESPORTATURI (ZONA INDUSTRIJALI, MRIEHEL)22/07/201431/08/2014
Road WorksMrieħel Industrial ZoneTriq in- Negozju19/08/201410/09/2014
Road WorksMSIDA [L-Imsida]IC- CIRKU TA' L-IMSIDA24/01/201431/08/2014
Road WorksMSIDA [L-Imsida]IX- XATT TA' XBIEX25/07/201401/09/2014
Road WorksMUNXAR [Il-Munxar]TRIQ IL- MUNXAR24/02/201415/09/2014
Road WorksMUNXAR [Il-Munxar]TRIQ IL- MUNXAR17/06/201415/09/2014
Road WorksNADUR [In-Nadur]TRIQ TORRI SOPU06/08/201418/08/2014
Road WorksNADUR [In-Nadur]TRIQ WIED BINGEMMA20/08/201430/09/2014
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TRIQ TAL- LABOUR30/12/201331/08/2014
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TUL IL- KOSTA25/04/201422/01/2015
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]Triq is- Salina25/04/201422/01/2015
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TUL IL- KOSTA30/04/201430/09/2014
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TUL IL- KOSTA30/04/201430/09/2014
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TUL IL- KOSTA30/04/201430/09/2014
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TUL IL- KOSTA30/04/201430/09/2014
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TRIQ ID- DEJMA17/07/201430/10/2014
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]DAHLET IL- GIBJUN17/07/201430/10/2014
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TRIQ JULES VERNE17/07/201430/10/2014
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TRIQ TAL- LABOUR17/07/201430/10/2014
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TRIQ IL- LANGAS17/07/201430/10/2014
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TRIQ IS- SENESKALK17/07/201430/10/2014
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TRIQ SIR WILLIAM JERVOIS17/07/201430/10/2014
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TRIQ IT- TELEKOMUNIKAZZJONI17/07/201430/10/2014
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TRIQ IZ- ZONQOR17/07/201430/10/2014
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TRIQ SIR ARTHUR FREMANTLE17/07/201430/10/2014
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TRIQ TAL- LABOUR, TRIQ GDIDA FI17/07/201430/10/2014
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TREJQET DUN NERIK CORDINA PEREZ17/07/201430/10/2014
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]VJAL IL- QALBIENA MOSTIN17/07/201430/10/2014
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TRIQ IL- MILIZZJA21/07/201428/08/2014
Road WorksPAOLA [Paola]TRIQ WIED BLANDUN07/07/201415/09/2014
Road WorksPAOLA [Paola]TRIQ SAN GORG30/07/201401/09/2014
Road WorksPAOLA [Paola]TRIQ IS- SORIJIET30/07/201401/09/2014
Road WorksPAOLA [Paola]TRIQ L- ISQOF BUHAGIAR30/07/201411/09/2014
Road WorksPIETA [Tal-Pietà]TRIQ IX- XATT21/07/201425/08/2014
Road WorksQALA [Il-Qala]TRIQ IL- QALA20/08/201429/08/2014
Road WorksQORMI [Ħal Qormi (Ċittà Pinto)]TRIQ IL- WIED30/01/201420/09/2014
Road WorksQRENDI [Il-Qrendi]TRIQ WIED IZ-ZURRIEQ21/08/201426/09/2014
Road WorksRABAT [Ir-Rabat, Għawdex (Ċittà Victoria)]TRIQ L- ARCIPRIET SAVER CASSAR29/04/201409/01/2015
Road WorksRABAT [Ir-Rabat, Għawdex (Ċittà Victoria)]PJAZZA L- INDIPENDENZA29/04/201409/01/2015
Road WorksRABAT [Ir-Rabat, Għawdex (Ċittà Victoria)]PJAZZA SAVINA29/04/201409/01/2015
Road WorksRABAT [Ir-Rabat, Għawdex (Ċittà Victoria)]TRIQ SIR MIKELANG REFALO29/04/201409/01/2015
Road WorksRABAT [Ir-Rabat, Għawdex (Ċittà Victoria)]TRIQ IS- SUQ29/04/201409/01/2015
Road WorksRABAT [Ir-Rabat, Għawdex (Ċittà Victoria)]TRIQ IL- FOSOS06/05/201431/12/2014
Road WorksRABAT [Ir-Rabat, Għawdex (Ċittà Victoria)]TRIQ IL- KASTELL06/05/201431/12/2014
Road WorksRABAT [Ir-Rabat, Għawdex (Ċittà Victoria)]TRIQ IL- KWARTIER SAN MARTIN06/05/201431/12/2014
Road WorksRABAT [Ir-Rabat, Għawdex (Ċittà Victoria)]TRIQ SAN GUZEPP06/05/201431/12/2014
Road WorksRABAT [Ir-Rabat, Għawdex (Ċittà Victoria)]IT- TELGHA TAL-BELT06/05/201431/12/2014
Road WorksRABAT [Ir-Rabat, Għawdex (Ċittà Victoria)]IZ- ZENQA06/05/201431/12/2014
Road WorksRABAT [Ir-Rabat, Għawdex (Ċittà Victoria)]TRIQ BIEB L-IMDINA06/05/201431/12/2014
Road WorksRABAT [Ir-Rabat, Għawdex (Ċittà Victoria)]PJAZZA KATIDRAL06/05/201431/12/2014
Road WorksRABAT [Ir-Rabat]TRIQ HAZ-ZEBBUG21/08/201418/09/2014
Road WorksSAN GILJAN [San Ġiljan]TRIQ MIKIEL ANTON VASSALLI06/06/201408/09/2014
Road WorksSAN GWANN [San Ġwann]TRIQ BIRKIRKARA01/08/201412/09/2014
Road WorksSAN GWANN [San Ġwann]TRIQ R. CARUANA DINGLI20/08/201428/08/2014
Road WorksSAN GWANN [San Ġwann]TRIQ GIAN NICOLA BUHAGIAR20/08/201428/08/2014
Road WorksSAN LAWRENZ [San Lawrenz]TRIQ SAN LAWRENZ19/10/201131/08/2014
Road WorksSAN PAWL IL-BAHAR [San Pawl il-Baħar]TRIQ BORDINO14/05/201431/08/2014
Road WorksSAN PAWL IL-BAHAR [San Pawl il-Baħar]TRIQ IL- KAHLI14/05/201431/08/2014
Road WorksSAN PAWL IL-BAHAR [San Pawl il-Baħar]TRIQ IL- MOSTA14/05/201431/08/2014
Road WorksSAN PAWL IL-BAHAR [San Pawl il-Baħar]TRIQ SANT'ARISTARKU14/05/201431/08/2014
Road WorksSAN PAWL IL-BAHAR [San Pawl il-Baħar]TRIQ SAN LUQA14/05/201431/08/2014
Road WorksSAN PAWL IL-BAHAR [San Pawl il-Baħar]TRIQ IL- WILEG14/05/201431/08/2014
Road WorksSAN PAWL IL-BAHAR [San Pawl il-Baħar]TRIQ IL- KORP TAL-PIJUNIERI26/05/201419/01/2015
Road WorksSAN PAWL IL-BAHAR [San Pawl il-Baħar]TRIQ IL- WILEG26/05/201419/01/2015
Road WorksSAN PAWL IL-BAHAR [San Pawl il-Baħar]TRIQ J.F. KENNEDY26/05/201419/01/2015
Road WorksSANNAT [Ta' Sannat]TRIQ TA' CENC05/08/201415/12/2014
Road WorksSANNAT [Ta' Sannat]TRIQ TA' DUN LUQA05/08/201415/12/2014
Road WorksSANNAT [Ta' Sannat]TRIQ TAL- GRUWA05/08/201415/12/2014
Road WorksSANNAT [Ta' Sannat]TRIQ TAL- LEWZ05/08/201415/12/2014
Road WorksSANNAT [Ta' Sannat]TRIQ IL- PALAZZ PALINA05/08/201415/12/2014
Road WorksSANTA LUCIJA [Santa Luċija]TRIQ IL- GNIEN23/01/201431/08/2014
Road WorksSANTA LUCIJA [Santa Luċija]TRIQ IL- KLEMATIS08/05/201422/09/2014
Road WorksSANTA VENERA [Santa Venera]TRIQ L- IMSIDA21/07/201408/09/2014
Road WorksSANTA VENERA [Santa Venera]TRIQ IL- KANUN04/08/201425/08/2014
Road WorksSANTA VENERA [Santa Venera]TRIQ IZ- ZONQOR06/08/201419/08/2014
Road WorksSIGGIEWI [Is-Siġġiewi (Ċittà Ferdinand)]GEBEL CANTAR, LIMITI TAS-04/08/201405/09/2014
Road WorksSLIEMA [Tas-Sliema]TRIQ IL- LUNZJATA06/08/201401/09/2014
Road WorksSWATAR BIRKIRKARA [Is-Swatar]TRIQ IT- TORRI20/03/201403/09/2014
Road WorksSWATAR MSIDA [Is-Swatar]TRIQ INDRI GRIMA01/08/201407/09/2014
Road WorksSWATAR MSIDA [Is-Swatar]TRIQ IT- TORRI20/08/201429/08/2014
Road WorksSWIEQI [Is-Swieqi]TRIQ SANT'ANDRIJA30/04/201430/09/2014
Road WorksSWIEQI [Is-Swieqi]TRIQ L- ISTASIJA15/07/201425/08/2014
Road WorksSWIEQI [Is-Swieqi]TRIQ G. LEBRUN15/07/201425/08/2014
Road WorksSWIEQI [Is-Swieqi]TRIQ SANT'ANDRIJA21/07/201425/08/2014
Road WorksSWIEQI [Is-Swieqi]TRIQ SANT'ANDRIJA19/08/201429/08/2014
Road WorksTA XBIEX [Ta' Xbiex]IX-XATT TA' XBIEX22/07/201429/08/2014
Road WorksTA XBIEX [Ta' Xbiex]VJAL SIR TEMI ZAMMIT22/07/201404/09/2014
Road WorksTA XBIEX [Ta' Xbiex]IX-XATT TA' XBIEX22/07/201404/09/2014
Road WorksTARXIEN [Ħal Tarxien]TRIQ GUZEPPI MONTEBELLO29/07/201422/08/2014
Road WorksVALLETTA [Il-Belt Valletta (Ċittà Umilissima)]TRIQ SAN BASTJAN23/01/201425/08/2014
Road WorksVALLETTA [Il-Belt Valletta (Ċittà Umilissima)]TRIQ L- ORDINANZA28/04/201427/08/2014
Road WorksXAGHRA [Ix-Xagħra]TRIQ MARSALFORN06/06/201331/08/2014
Road WorksXAGHRA [Ix-Xagħra]TRIQ L- ISPIERA12/06/201422/08/2014
Road WorksXEWKIJA [Ix-Xewkija]TRIQ TAL- GRUWA05/08/201415/12/2014
Road WorksXEWKIJA [Ix-Xewkija]TRIQ IL- MADONNA TAL-HNIENA05/08/201415/12/2014
Road WorksXEWKIJA [Ix-Xewkija]TRIQ SAN BERT05/08/201415/12/2014
Road WorksXEWKIJA [Ix-Xewkija]PJAZZA SAN GWANN BATTISTA05/08/201415/12/2014
Road WorksXEWKIJA [Ix-Xewkija]TRIQ SAN ZAKKARIJA05/08/201415/12/2014
Road WorksXEWKIJA [Ix-Xewkija]TRIQ SANT'INDRIJA05/08/201415/12/2014
Road WorksXEWKIJA [Ix-Xewkija]TRIQ IT- TORRI GORGUN05/08/201415/12/2014
Road WorksXEWKIJA [Ix-Xewkija]TRIQ IT- TORRI TINGI05/08/201415/12/2014
Road WorksXEWKIJA [Ix-Xewkija]TRIQ IT- TORRI TINGI19/08/201427/08/2014
Road WorksXEWKIJA [Ix-Xewkija]TRIQ TAL- HAMRIJA20/08/201427/08/2014
Road WorksZABBAR [Ħaż-Żabbar (Ċittà Hompesch)]TRIQ IL- MADAFFA29/04/201403/09/2014
Road WorksZABBAR [Ħaż-Żabbar (Ċittà Hompesch)]TRIQ A. CALIGARI10/06/201420/08/2014
Road WorksZABBAR [Ħaż-Żabbar (Ċittà Hompesch)]TRIQ IL- FIGEL10/06/201420/08/2014
Road WorksZABBAR [Ħaż-Żabbar (Ċittà Hompesch)]TRIQ IL- QAQOCC10/06/201420/08/2014
Road WorksZABBAR [Ħaż-Żabbar (Ċittà Hompesch)]TRIQ SAN LEONARDU, QASAM TAL-BINI TAL-GVERN10/06/201420/08/2014
Road WorksZABBAR [Ħaż-Żabbar (Ċittà Hompesch)]TRIQ IX- XGHAJRA10/06/201420/08/2014
Road WorksZABBAR [Ħaż-Żabbar (Ċittà Hompesch)]TRIQ A. CALIGARI27/06/201405/09/2014
Road WorksZABBAR [Ħaż-Żabbar (Ċittà Hompesch)]TRIQ IL- FIGEL27/06/201405/09/2014
Road WorksZABBAR [Ħaż-Żabbar (Ċittà Hompesch)]TRIQ IL- QAQOCC27/06/201405/09/2014
Road WorksZABBAR [Ħaż-Żabbar (Ċittà Hompesch)]TRIQ SAN LEONARDU, QASAM TAL-BINI TAL-GVERN27/06/201405/09/2014
Road WorksZABBAR [Ħaż-Żabbar (Ċittà Hompesch)]TRIQ IX- XGHAJRA27/06/201405/09/2014
Road WorksZABBAR [Ħaż-Żabbar (Ċittà Hompesch)]TRIQ IL- FIGEL25/07/201419/08/2014
Road WorksZEJTUN [Iż-Żejtun (Ċittà Beland)]TRIQ CONNAUGHT19/08/201429/08/2014
Road WorksZEJTUN [Iż-Żejtun (Ċittà Beland)]QASAM INDUSTRIJALI20/08/201404/09/2014
Road WorksZURRIEQ [Iż-Żurrieq]SQAQ SAN TUMAS22/07/201423/10/2014
Road WorksZURRIEQ [Iż-Żurrieq]TAL- HLANTUN LIMITI TAZ-22/07/201423/10/2014
Road WorksZURRIEQ [Iż-Żurrieq]TRIQ IL- BRONJA21/08/201426/08/2014
Road WorksZURRIEQ [Iż-Żurrieq]VJAL L- INDIPENDENZA21/08/201408/09/2014


Notice to Mariners No 18 of 2014
Valletta Harbours - St.Elmo Breakwater Head Green Light


Notice to Mariners No 19 of 2014
Kayak Crossing from Marsamxett Harbour 

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Information Notice 13 - 13 August 2014
Preventive Measures in Response to the Ebola Virus
Information Notice 12 - 30 July 2014
EPIRBS Product Recall

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