Your gateway to a career at Transport Malta

TM Careers is an app that provides a valuable insight into the careers available at Transport Malta. Each profile for individual careers and internship opportunity is categorised according to the following sectors: Professional/technical; Managerial/administrative; Information Technology; Economics and Statistician and Others.

It provides a full description of the skills and competences of each career and serves as a platform to launch work placements, vacancies and any other schemes that may be available from time to time. Video clips and news feeds are uploaded to explain the context within which each career can be pursued. Details of projects undertaken and the general work environment will be displayed.

Users can build their own CV and select the sectors they are interested in. They will receive a notification whenever a vacancy, work placement and/or other schemes arise and when new careers are uploaded. The app makes it easy for users to apply for job vacancies and to ask any queries they might have on the particular post.

The app will inform and answer the general queries and expectations of prospective employees of Transport Malta.