Licensing light Passenger Transport Vehicle

A Light Passenger Transport Vehicle (a vehicle having not more than 8 passenger seats besides the driver’s seat) and can only be licensed by operators who hold a Public Service Garage (PSG) Permit. Such vehicles must conform to the following specifications:

  1. The vehicle must be new
  2. The vehicle must be right hand drive
  3. The vehicle can be of any colour except white
  4. The maximum seating capacity is eight passengers besides the driver
  5. Classic, vintage and veteran vehicles may only be hired out specifically for special occasions, including weddings and in this case they can be white in colour

Operators wishing to register and licence a light passenger transport vehicle should fill in the forms: VEH-01 (application form to register the vehicle), VEH-02 (application to license the vehicle) and the VEH-26 (application form for a public service garage). Together with these applications, the operator must submit the followingdocuments:

  • Invoice
  • Certificate of conformity
  • Freight note (if applicable)
  • Insurance note (if applicable)
  • Insurance policy bearing the address of the garage permit
  • In the case that the PSG permit is in the name of a company, a no objection letter from the directors of the companyis needed
  • If vehicle is of a non-EU origin, the from VEH-04 needs to be filled in

After submitting the above, Transport Malta will check whether there is enough space in the garage to register the said vehicle. If this is in the affirmative, the documents will be processed.

The operator will incur the following charges:

  • Registration tax
  • VAT at 18%
  • €15 first registration administration fee
  • Number plates
  • Licence disc
  • €25 public service garage fee
  • Malta Tourism Authority fee

The operator will be given the Registration Certificate, Licence Disc which should be affixed on the left hand side of the windscreen and a set of Registration plates which should have a letter followed by two letters LY and 3 numbers.