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Purchase of New Electric Vehicles


The grant for the purchase of new Electric Vehicles, launched in 2022, is being renewed for 2023. Related details and application forms will be published shortly.


This financial incentive intends to further promote the use of new electric vehicles in Category L, M and N and pedelecs, and is aimed at:

  • Persons residing in Malta;
  • Local Councils;
  • Voluntary organisations (including NGOs); and
  • Undertakings established in Malta. 

The Ultimate Beneficiary Owner of the applicant shall be considered as the ultimate beneficiary of any grant issued under these financial incentives.

For a comparison of the average price to drive 100km with an electric vehicle and with a conventional vehicle, check here

This incentive allows a mix and match of purchase of new electric vehicles and pedelecs, and replacement of old vehicles. The grant shall support the purchase of:

  • New passenger cars;
  • Goods carrying vehicles;
  • Minibuses;
  • Coaches;
  • Quadricycle;
  • Motorcycles; and
  • Pedelecs.

The grant includes a scrappage scheme intended to provide further financial support to applicants who, while purchasing and registering a new electric vehicle or pedelec, deregister a vehicle of any category which is older than 10 years from its year of manufacture.

The budgeted funds for this scheme amount to €15,000,000.

Page last updated: 01/01/2023