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Retrofitting of DPFs and SCR Systems on Heavy Duty Vehicles

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This financial incentive intends to promote the retrofitting of Diesel Patriculate Filters (DPFs) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems on heavy duty vehicles and is aimed at:

  • Undertakings established in Malta.

The grant shall support the retrofitting of DPFs and SCR Systems on heavy duty vehiles with a maximum permissible mass exceeding 3,500 kgs, such as:

  • Buses;
  • Coaches;
  • Minibuses;
  • Trucks;
  • Big Vans.

The budgeted funds for this scheme amount to €100,000.

The Incentive Details

Eligible applicants shall be entitled for a grant of €10,000 following the retrofitting of type-approved DPFs and SCR Systems on their heavy duty vehicles. 

NOTE: The de minimis Regulations and the respective thresholds shall apply when scrappage grants are issued to undertakings established in Malta.

Applying for this incentive

An application for a grant under this scheme shall be made either by the owners of retrofitted vehicles by submitting application form VEH052 along with any information, details and documents required therein. The owner of the vehicle shall be considered as the ultimate applicant in terms of this scheme.

In the case of an application within the scope of the De Minimis State Aid rules explained in section 2, the State Aid Declaration VEH071.

Applications under this scheme, together with all the relevant documents, shall be submitted by the applicant during working hours or mailed to Transport Malta’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Unit (DVLU). For opening hours and addresses refer here.

Page last updated: 02 March 2022