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Contractors' registration procedure

Road intervention works can be carried out solely by contractors who are registered with Transport Malta.

How to Register to become a Registered Contractor

In order to be registered, a contractor must submit to the Authority the following information:

1. Contractors Information Form
This form allows the Authority to be provided with, and record the necessary information regarding the contractor and the respective insurance liability - Contractors Information Form

2. Guarantee for Trenching Works Agreement
With this agreement the contractor binds himself to adhere to conditions set by the Authority against a Bank Guarantee - Guarantee for Trenching Works Agreement Form

3. Bank Guarantee
A Bank Guarantee, issued by one of the respective Banks, proofs that the contractor can provide the Authority with a guarantee for any road works carried out. It is imperative to ensure that the Bank Guarantee submitted to the Authority, in virtue of the agreement, is renewed prior to the expiry date, on an annual basis in order to remain valid throughout the duration of the agreement.
The Bank Guarantee should be obtained by the respective bank.

4. Insurance Confirmation of Cover
An original full policy of the Insurance Confirmation of Cover shows evidence that the contractor is covered by a valid Insurance Policy during any road intervention works. This should be obtained from the contractor’s respective insurance agency. It has to be highlighted to ensure that the Insurance Policy should be renewed annually before the expiry date of the same policy.

5. Online Road Permit System
Contractors carrying out road works must have a valid Road Permit authorised by the Authority. The application may be accessed online though the System Application Form.
Contractors are duly requested to fill in and sign the RPS online authorisation application form - RPS Online Authorisation Application Form
If you would like any further information on how to become a registered contractor please contact the Contractor Registering Section on 2556 5240.