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Driver Education

One of the main responsibilities of Transport Malta is the promotion of safe and responsible driving. This objective can be achieved through effective driver education and training which covers the full range of knowledge, skills and competencies required of road users.

Transport Malta believes that Education should be directed towards both existing drivers and prospective drivers of the various categories of vehicles and is to focus on; upgrading the level of driver training, so that candidates would be prepared to drive safely for life and on enhancing the level of road safety awareness of existing and prospective drivers.

To achieve these objectives Transport Malta has embarked on a number of initiatives that are aimed to upgrade the level of testing systems to ensure consistency and transparency, and congruence with overall driver education objectives and to strengthen quality control on the level of training being provided, thus ensure continuous high standards of training, and ongoing development.

The Highway Code rules covering road users and includes information on road signs, road markings and road safety.

Becoming an approved training provider

To view Guidelines to become an approved training provider kindly refer here.

Last Updated On: 27/11/2017