Number Plates

1. Types of plates and fees

Random / Generic Plates (you can choose the month) - €70
For motorcycles - €35
Personalized plates (3 letters and 3 numbers) - €200
For motorcycles - €100
Customised plates - €1500

1.1 For a first registration vehicle you must choose the type of plates that you are going to issue. A VEH02 must be duly filled. In Section G and H, you must submit the registration number and decide if you request a personalised or non-personalised plate. You must also choose the size of the 2 plates. Form VEH 02 shows the sizes of the plates available from Type A to Type H and the measurements of each size of plate available.

1.2 Upon the licensing of the vehicle we will check if the desired personalised registration number is available. If this combination is not available the clerk will check for the second preferred option and so on. This is done directly by dealers through eReg.

1.3 Certain combinations which are deemed not appropriate to be used as a registration number or are morally offensive are withheld. All vehicles shall carry two registration plates; one in the front and another at the rear; except for motorcycles which are supplied with only one rear plate.

1.4 If you choose a personalised plate, the Insurance certificate must reflect the month according to the first letter. The first letter of the registration number shall indicate the month at the end of which the vehicle’s road licence expires, that is:

Month of Expiry First Letters of the Registration No
January A, M and Y
February B, N and Z
March C and O
April D and P
May E and Q
June F and R
July G and S
August H and T
September I and U
October J and V
November K and W
December L and X

1.5 The second and third letters are only significant and specific to Public Service vehicles, as follows:

  Second Letter Third Letter
Coaches, Passenger Transport Vehicles    
Garage Hire - Saloon cars    
Short and Long Term Leasing Hire    
Commercial vehicles up to 2 seats with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 3,500kg    
Vintage Bus    


Route Buses BUS***
Taxi Malta TAXI***M
Taxi Gozo TAXI***G

(*** denotes three numbers)

2. Issuing of  plates during a transfer of ownership

2.1 During a transfer of ownership the seller has two options, either sells the vehicle with the non-personalised plates or if the vehicle has personalised plates assigned to his name the seller may garage these plates and new plates will be assigned to the new owner. At this stage the buyer may either choose to take a pair of non-personalised plates or requests personalised plates.

2.2 Section C of Form VEH 50, has to be filled by the buyer if the vehicle being purchased has an extra third plate and the purchaser wants to keep this plate.

2.3 Customer is to present at the Vehicle Licensing Unit between 07:30 and 12:00 from Monday to Friday. Customer is to present an application Form VEH 06.

2.4 If the required set of plates are available, customer can book the plates against a payment of € 23.25 from the new computerized system, (The balance € 176.75 will be paid upon issuing of plates. To collect new plates,the old are to be produced together with the insurance certificate expiring in the new month of renewal (depending on the first letter), the Vehicle Roadworthiness Test (if required) and VEH06 duly filled in.

3. Change of plates (personalised to non-personalised or vice-versa)

3.1 If you want the plates as mentioned above, you can do this anytime you want. You have to come at the Vehicle Licensing Unit between 07:30 and 12:00 together with your Vehicle Registration Certificate, the Road Licence, the Registration Plates and your Identity Card. We will ask you to fill in form VEH 06 stating the size and preference of the new plates.

3.2 The new plates together with a new Vehicle Registration Certificate and Road Licence will be issued. The returned plates may be issued again on another vehicle provided same is registered on the name of the registered owner/company.

4. Third plate

4.1 If you need to attach a small trailer or a boat to your vehicle, you require a third plate. Customers must produce an Application Form VEH 06, duly filled in and stating the size of plate. We will issue the third plate.

4.2 A third plate and an updated logbook are issued at a fee of €45.

5. Lost or stolen plates

5.1 You are required to call at the Vehicle Licensing Unit, A3 Towers, Triq l-Arkata, Paola between 07:30 and 12:00. You will be asked for a copy of the Police report and your Identity Card in order to fill in the declaration (Form VEH 39 english or maltese) regarding the loss/stolen plate/s. Otherwise, you may present a sworn declaration taken before a Commissioner of Oaths, which will replace VEH 39, stating that your vehicle’s number plate has been stolen or lost. At this stage you have to produce the unique number of the remaining plate/s. If the plate was lost by another person, the registered owner has to write a declaration stating who lost such a plate, following a declaration must be signed by that person.

5.2 The administration fee applicable is €43,(€8 for the declaration form (VEH 39) and € 35 for the issue of the Vehicle Registration Plate.

5.3 In the case of loss or theft of both plates or in the case of a motorcycle, the plates have to be changed. You have to present the Road Licence Disc and Vehicle Registration Certificate. If the number plates were personalised, and you wish to retain the same number plates, then you must write a declaration stating that even though you are aware that both number plates were lost or stolen, you wish that the same personalised plates are re-issued The new number plates with the updated logbook and road licence disc are to be issued at a fee of €88 (€70 for the plates, €10 for the logbook and €8 for the declaration).

6. Change of damaged plate

6.1 If you want to replace a damaged plate, please present the damaged plate at the Vehicle Licensing Unit - A3 Towers, Triq l-Arkata, Paola. You may also change the size of the plate by producing your Identity Card, Form VEH 06 and the damaged plate.

7. Customised plates - (e.g. Peter)

7.1 Customised plates must not have more than 9 digits (letters and numbers only) excluding any spaces since a space is not considered as a digit.
7. 2 Certain combinations of letters and digits may be restricted.

Size of Plates

Type A – Length 52 cm by Height 11 cm
(This can be used for all categories excluding motorcycles)

Type B – Length 25 cm by Height 20 cm

Type C – Length 28 cm by Height 20 cm

Type D – Length 34 cm by Height 20 cm

Type E – Length 24 cm by Height 13 cm
(This can be used for motorcycles only)

Type F – Length 30.5 cm by Height 15.5 cm

Type G – Length 19 cm by Height 13 cm
(This can be used for motorcycles only)

Type H – Length 30.5 cm by Height 11 cm