Licensing a Self Drive Vehicle

Self-drive vehicles, which may be passenger carrying vehicles or goods carrying vehicles, may only be registered and licensed by holders of a Public Service Garage Licence issued by Transport Malta. The following vehicle specifications apply:

  • Passenger carrying self-drive vehicles must be new;
  • Goods carrying self-drive vehicles can be up to ten years from date of manufacture;
  • The vehicle must be right hand drive;
  • The vehicle can be of any colour.

The licensed operator is required to fill in the following forms VEH-01 (application form to register the vehicle), VEH-02 (application to license the vehicle) and VEH-26 (application form for a public service garage vehicle). Together with these application forms, the operator is also required to submit the following documents:

  • Vehicle purchase invoice;
  • Certificate of Conformity (required only for new passenger carrying self-drive vehicles);
  • Freight note (if applicable);
  • Insurance note (if applicable);
  • Insurance policy bearing the address of the garage premises;
  • Where the Public Service Garage Licence is issued in the name of a company, a no objection letter from the directors of the Company is also required;
  • If vehicle is of a non-EU origin, the form VEH-04 also needs to be filled in.

The following fees apply:

  • Registration tax;
  • VAT (if the self-drive vehicle is a used goods carrying vehicle, no VAT is payable);
  • €15 first registration administration fee;
  • Number plates fee;
  • Licence disc fee;
  • €25 public service garage fee.

Upon processing, the licensed operator will be given the vehicle Log Book, Licence Disc, which should be affixed on the left hand side of the windscreen, and a set of registration plates which should have a letter followed by two letters QZ and 3 numbers.