Chauffeur driven vehicles

Silver Mercedes

Chauffeur driven vehicles can be hired on a pre-booking basis from public service garages found around Malta and Gozo. In Malta there are around 700 public service garages and in Gozo, one can find around 80 garages.

Here is the list of Public Service Garages in Malta and in Gozo

A Public Service Garage Vehicle has a maximum seating capacity of nine seats including that of the driver. It is licensed to be hired from a public service garage owner who holds a licence issued for this purpose by Transport Malta. A copy of the Authority’s authorisation should be constantly kept on the premises to which it refers and should be posted up and conspicuously displayed in the premises.

The following service conditions apply:

1. A chauffeur driven service may only be carried out on a pre-booking basis from the operator, by telephone, email or on-line;

2. A Public Service Garage Vehicle should be driven by the owner of that garage or his employee, who should be in possession of a Driver’s Tag to be worn at all times. For more information please click here 

3. The vehicle can be of any colour except white (with the exception of classic/vintage/veteran or Limousine cars which are normally used for hire of weddings and other special occassions).

4. The vehicle registration number should include a letter followed by the letters GY or LY followed by three numbers;

5. The vehicle can be of any type, model or make but cannot display the word ‘TAXI’.