Exchange your foreign Driving Licence

Any person holding a licence issued outside Malta and the European Union shall be entitled to drive in Malta for a period not exceeding twelve months from the date of his last entry into Malta.

Any holder of a European Union driving licence, a Swiss or an Australian driving licence issued by a Swiss or an Australian State and Territory licensing authorities, who takes up normal residence in Malta, shall be entitled to have his driving licence exchanged for an equivalent Maltese licence.

European Union driving licences shall be recognised in Malta as long as they are valid in country of issuance.

National provisions regarding the restriction, suspension, withdrawal or cancellation of a driving licence shall apply to holders of an EU Member State or Australian State and Territory driving licence who have their normal residence in Malta.

Getting a Maltese licence in Exchange for a licence issued in a EU/EAA Member State, Switzerland or an Australian territory

In order to exchange your Driving licence issued by the authorised licensing authorities of any EU/EAA Member State, Swiss or an Australian State and Territory to a Maltese driving licence, you must have been living in Malta for at least 185 days in the last year, otherwise the exchange of licence cannot be effected. To start the process you need to provide the following at the Driver and Passenger Operator Licensing Unit in Paola or at the Gozo Licensing Office ;

The minimum requirement of 185 days residency (in cases where the issue date of the Identity / Residence Card are issued after this period) can be proven by providing any of the following for consideration of the Authority;

  • Income Tax returns issued by IRD
  • End of year FS3 forms issued by the employer
  • ETC engagement form registering client with employer
  • Utility bills (Telecommunication companies, Water and Electricity, Cable communications) in the name of the candidate
  • Contract of purchase of a residence in Malta or Gozo signed by a Notary / Lawyer
  • Contract of leasing of a residence in Malta or Gozo signed by a Notary / Lawyer
  • Private agreement for the rental of a residence between two parties countersigned by a Notary / Lawyer
  • Leasing agreements of residences between two parties countersigned by a lawyer or notary
  • Letter issued by Educational Institution Dead/Head confirming when the candidate started studying there, the course details and when it’s expected to finish in the cases of foreign students

The Driver and Passenger Operator Licensing Unit communicates, by fax,e-mail or via the RESPER system with the E.U. Member State or Swiss authorities where the driving licence was issued to get a confirmation verifying whether the applicant holds a valid driving licence and whether any restrictions prevail. On receiving approval from the Member State,besides local approvals necessary, the Driver and Passenger Operator Licensing Unit sends you a letter to inform you that the exchange of licence can be exchanged with a Maltese driving licence. You will then need;

  • present the original Driving licence and Identity or Residence Card at the counter. The Identity or Residence Card are returned to you there and then. In case of an Australian driving licence exchange, then the driving licence card is returned as well.
  • verification of the validity of the driving licence signed by the Australian Authorities (for Australian driving licences)
  • present a medical certificate (in cases where driving licence being exchanged is expired)
  • fee for Maltese licence is €80.00 (for 10 years) or pro-rata if EU licence is still valid for the next few years (not applicable to those valid indefinitely).

The new licence counterpart will be given at the counter and once the card is fully processed, we will contact you to collect it. Only at this stage, you will be asked to give up your EU / Swiss Licence at our offices. If you are approaching your 70th birthday you will be charged for the number of years up till such birthday. The licence of persons aged over 70 years will be renewed for 5 years for €29.25 and every 5 years thereafter and is subject to a medical certificate of fitness to drive signed by a medical general practitioner.

In possible cases of non approval in respect to the validity of a Driving Licence from the member state or third country concerned, the Driver and Passenger Licensing Unit sends you a letter to inform you that the exchange of licence has not been approved and therefore cannot be exchanged for a Maltese driving licence.

You will be asked to sign a declaration in case your licence has been lost or stolen. In such cases a declaration fee of €8.00 is applied.

The Maltese driving licence is issued in accordance with Motor Vehicles (Driving Licenses) Regulations S.L. 65.18

For any clarification or assistance with difficulties, contact Transport Malta

Last Updated: 27/11/2017