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Scheme to Purchase Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles to be used for the Transport of Passanger for Hire or Reward


This scheme is intended to promote the purchase of wheelchair-accessible vehicles and their registration and licensing as:

  • Taxis;
  • Light Passenger Transport Vehicles having up to 8 passenger seats besides the driver; or
  • Passenger Transport Vehicles having more than 8 passengers seats besides the driver.

The overall objective of this scheme is to introduce accessible public-transport vehicles which may be used by persons with disabilities.

For the scheme description in the Government Gazette kindly check here.

A budget of €100,000 has been allocated to this scheme.

A grant of €10,000 shall be paid when such a vehicle is registered. Each applicant is entitled to a maximum of 2 grants under this scheme.

Applicants for this grant shall submit form WAV1 with all required supporting documents at the Road Transport Licensing Unit In Paola. State Aid Declaration VEH 71 shall be included with each application, in line with the de minimis Regulation, the total amount of state aid granted to a single undertaking or organisation under this scheme and any other de minimis scheme, shall not exceed in the aggregate €200,000 (or €100,000 in the case of a single undertaking performing road freight transport for hire or reward) over a rolling three fiscal year period.

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Page last updated: 14/04/2021