Environment and Pollution Prevention 

Setting up of an Oil Spill Response Capability for the Protection of Malta’s Seas

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€   800,000 (equipment)
€   200,000 (studies)



European Economic Area Financial Mechanism (A grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) (80%)
National co-financing by the Authority (20%)



2007 – 2009



The aim of this project is to conduct a situation analysis and a risk assessment to determine the risk of shipping incidents/accidents resulting in marine pollution from oil and Hazardous Noxious Substances (HNS) that could affect the Maltese Islands. This study has taken into consideration present and projected shipping movements to/from Maltese ports and shipping activities conducted within the territorial waters of Malta under the jurisdiction and control of the local authorities. Consideration is also given to international maritime traffic transiting the Mediterranean.



CT2677/2007 – Studies and Project Management Services for the setting up of an oil spill response capability for the protection of Malta’s seas (studies).



 Alpha Briggs Mediterranean Ltd






Studies were carried out to assess and determine the quantity and type of marine pollution response equipment that shall be compatible with the present capabilities and that should constitute the minimum and adequate national stockpile required to enable Malta to respond to a Tier 3 spill.