Licence Arrears Regularisation Scheme


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The Land Transport Directorate

Our aim is to provide an efficient, integrated and sustainable public transport service meeting the travellers' needs and expectations, together with an effective regulatory framework for land transport with road safety as a top priority, whilst at the same time promoting socio-economic development and protection of the environment.

The Directorate is responsible to regulate all forms of land transport, including all vehicles, drivers and transport service operators. Its core strategic objectives are:





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Use of Animals & Animal drawn Vehicles on the Road

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Gas Conversion Scheme to Convert Vehicles to Autogas/LPG
Retrofitting of Heavy Duty Dual Fuel (HDDF) Systems


Renew Your Road Licence Online!

You can renew your vehicle's road licence by clicking here and the road licence will be sent to you by post within three working days. Alternatively, you can contact your insurance provider to renew the road licence for you.

You can also check your next VRT due date by clicking the read more button.


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Emission Alert!

Vehicles emitting excessive emissions can be reported by sending an SMS to 50611899.