What is the Mediterranean Programme?

The purpose and aim of this Programme is to strengthen the region's economy in order to ensure growth and employment for future generations. It also aims to support territorial cohesion and improve the region's environmental protection and sustainable development credentials. 


The Programme encourages cooperation between Mediterranean regions in nine Member States, namely: Cyprus, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, UK, Slovenia (with the participation of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania with IPA funds).


The main priority areas of this Programme are:

  • Priority 1: Strengthening innovation capacities
  • Priority 2: Protection of the environment and promotion of a sustainable territorial development
  • Priority 3: Improving mobility and territorial accessibility
  • Priority 4: Promotion of a polycentric and integrated MED space
  • Priority 5: Technical assistance


Transport Malta is currently involved in a project under the Mediterranean Programme called MEDNET


For more information regarding the Mediterranean Programme, click here

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