What is ITMS?

Intelligent traffic management is generally subdivided into two different classes: 

  1. direct control measures using traffic lights and variable message signs
  2. and indirect control measures like recommendations for the drivers by means of VDS (variable direction signs and text panels), warning messages (via broadcast, RDS/TMC or hand-based services), pre-trip information (e.g. via internet) and individual driver information systems.

The emphasis for classic traffic management is on the direct control measures including indirect control through VDS and text panels. Whereas in urban control the focus lies on traffic lights control and there are various options for urban and inter-urban motorway control.

The development of systems capable to reason about the traffic behaviour and evolution in similar terms to an expert traffic operator is then required. These type of systems may not be conceived to replace the human operator but to act as intelligent assistants that cooperate in the task of defining and applying traffic control decisions. The ITMS takes on this concept and is a system that embodies knowledge model of traffic behaviour at a strategic level. 

Transport Malta is also currently involved in a project called MODUS which incorporates the ITMS.


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