What is a TIS?

A TIS would benefit the developer and development by identifying key areas in the proposed plans and suggest upgrades and amendments related to traffic flow planning. A TIS report would identify and assist the developer in optimizing the ingress and egress of the proposed plans of car parks, garages and other site entrances and exits. A different TIS is required depending on the site, as well as the type and size of the development. The list below contains different developments which require a TIS.


  • Hotels/Tourist Accommodation comprising more than 100 beds;

  • Residential Development comprising more than 50 units;

  • Commercial, Office or Retail development comprising more than 1000m² gross floor area;

  • Sports/Entertainment Facilities with a seating capacity of more than 100 seats;

  • Hospitals/Clinics comprising more than 50 beds;

  • Schools/Educational Facilities comprising more than 5 classrooms;

  • Warehouse Development comprising more than 1000m² gross floor area;

  • Mineral Extraction and Processing Projects or related works, or projects involving such works;

  • Waste Disposal and/or Recycling Projects or projects involving such works.


In general


  • Any projects with provision for more than 50 car parking spaces.

  • Any project involving substantial modification to the arterial and/or distributor road network

  • Any project which generates a total of more than 100 trips in and out of the site during the peak hours.








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