I would like to apply for a refund due to damages sustained to my vehicle on a particular road. Which entity is responsible?

Requests for compensation on damages suffered on vehicles which happened  on an arterial or distributor road are to be forwarded to Transport Malta, whilst those for side streets and secondary roads to the pertinent Local Council.  These applications will then be reviewed by the respective entities which would then proceed accordingly on the merits of the case, as per their established procedure.


List of arterial roads which fall under Transpor Malta’s remit.


When sending for a request for compensation, the request should include details of accident and the documents mentioned below:


  1. Covering letter with full details of accident and damages
  2. Police Report
  3. Clear Phtos of pothole, obstacle, etc. showing clearly exact location and a landmark of the place
  4. Photos of damages incurred in vehicle
  5. Copy of ID card
  6. Copy of Car License
  7. Copy of Driving License
  8. Original fiscal receipt of repair works from Mechanic/Vulcanizer


The documents should be addressed to:

Transport Malta

Roads & Infrastracture Directorate

G.F. Agius De Soldanes Street

Santa Venera SVR 1910


An acknoweldegement including file reference number is sent within a week.  A committee set up purposley to invetigate the claims will then decide wether the claim is justified or not and inform claimant accordingly, 


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