What is the Speed Limit for all craft?

The Speed Limit for all crafts (including speed boats and jet skis) is 10 kts as follows:

  • within 200m from rocky shores
  • within 300m from sandy beaches in all Ports 
  • in all Ports


The Speed Limit in Marinas is of 3kts.


The Speed Limit Buoys is between 5 or 10kts


NOTE: In ports, within 200m from a rocky shore or 300m from a sandy shore, the speed should never exceed 10 knots. However, all vessels are required to maintain a safe speed at all times according to the prevailing circumstances and conditions. This means that if you are navigating close to other vessels or in areas of poor visibility or heavy marine traffic then the speed should be much less then 10 knots so that you have full control of the situation. 

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