The use of Drones in Malta

In line with draft European laws and methodology, the CAD will not allow drone operations over

  • Members of the public
  • Vehicles or vessels
  • Property
  • Populated areas  / towns / cities / villages ...

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Registration of Aircraft


The Civil Aviation Directorate is responsible for receiving, reviewing and processing applications for the registration of aircraft in the National Aircraft Register and the entry in the Register of the relevant details relating to the aircraft and any registered mortgages.


Kindly contact us at:


Civil Aviation Directorate

Malta Transport Centre, Pantar Road,

Lija LJA 2021, Malta    


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List of  Approved Organisations

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Aeronautical Information Publication

For information related to Air Navigation please refer to:

Aeronautical Information Publication 




Notice Regarding CAD Front Desk Facilities

As from Monday 20th August, the Civil Aviation Directorate will be receiving applications for examinations / issue and re-issue of licences, or for any other service, at its Front Desk located on Level 0, Malta Transport Centre, Triq Pantar, Lija between 08.30 and 12.30hrs, Monday to Friday.

No applications or services will be received or rendered outside these opening hours, unless by prior appointment with the Unit concerned (Personnel Licensing Tel: 25555619 / 255555665 – ; Airworthiness Tel:25555602/ ).  We thank you for your cooperation on the matter.





Application for an Operating Authorisation - For UK Operators







Mr George Borg Marks has been appointed Director General for Civil Aviation as from 21st January 2014.


The Civil Aviation Directorate informs the general public that telephone lines nos. 21222924, 21222925, 21222933, 21222936, 21222937, 21222938, 21249170, 21801148, 21808417, 21234624, 21234625, 21234628, 21240101, 21243052, 21243053, 21245205, 21245279, 21249175, 21249176, 21257060, 21257210, 21673526, 21674938 and 21252500 are not is use any more. CAD's central telephone No. is +356 25555653.

Malta Examiner Briefing for Examiners not certified by Transport Malta [Reference: Aircrew Regulation FCL.1015(c)]

TM CAD has issued OAN No 01/13 re Flight Operations into Volcanic Ash Regions

Transport Malta will be hosting a seminar to explain the recent
developments and legal framework updates with respect to the Malta
Aircraft Register. Date: 12th September 2012  Time: 13:30 to 16:30 hrs
 Venue: Chamber of Commerce, Valletta ..    ..

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TM CAD has published Policy Ref No. P 002/12:      Draft Policy on the Operation of Remotely-Piloted Aircraft in Malta.  The consultation process is open until the 8 September 2012.

TM CAD has published   Draft Guidelines on the Operation of Model Aircraft in Malta.  The consultation process is open until the 8 September 2012.he consultation process is open until the 8th September 2012.  .

TM CAD has issued IAN 20 (Issue 2) - Qualifications and experience of Regulation (EC) No 2042/2003 Part-147 Instructors, Knowledge Examiners and Practical Assessors for TM CAD Approved Organisations on 31 July 2012.

TM CAD has issued IAN 06 (Issue 2) - Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Training Logbook on 26 July 2012.

TM CAD has issued IAN 14 (Issue 2) - Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence on 26 July 2012.

TM CAD has issued an AOC to Vista Jet Ltd on 25 May 2012.

TM CAD has issued an AOC to SKYFREE Ltd on 8 June 2012.

TM CAD has issued a CAMO Approval (MT.MG.19) to Hermes Aviation Ltd on 6 July 2012.